robusta °2


Studio project with Diego Camargo at IAAC Barcelona, 2007

Supervisor: Vincente Guallart, Willy Müller, Marta M. Alemany

How to design a tree?

Washingtonia Robusta: Palm trees are composed of natural fiber systems of different scales, which are the reason for its incredible strength and flexibility. One of the most popular palm trees in Barcelona is called Washingtonia Robusta has inspired the design project “Robusta °2”.

Robusta °2: We were wondering if we could look at nature in order to discover rules of organisation and growth in order to rebuilt an artificial version of Washingtonia Robusta- Robusta °2. This project is a brief design experiment about natural structures, complex geometries and growth. During the process we analysed the fiber system of the palm tree’s trunk and found complex weaving patters where each fiber has its specific function. Based on these perceptions we tried to establish similar rules of growth using a simple design machine. All objects created by the machine carry the same origin of information but have a different appearance. The final structure could be an installation for the Ciutadella Parque in Barcelona. All created objects are arranged to form an interactive space for leisure activities.


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