/ project by Kihoon Nam, Vagia Pantou, Verena Vogler at the IAAC

In the Old City of Barcelona is famous for his high level of noise around the clock. The city administration has many problems responding to this fact. Our Case Study of Barcelona Noise show terrific relations.

Finally we are presenting our final conclusions concerning the level of noise in the old town of Barcelona. Our main question was to find out about the general level of noise (in dB) in comparison to the level of noise (in dB) caused by leisure. As LEISURE we defined all activities caused by human actions during their freetime.

The work we did is based on a multiplicity of measurements in from of digital videos during the night and the day. We transformed the sound information of the video sequence into a graphical information and started to refer it to a table of Decibels (dB). We put all collected data into a diagram. The order from north to south of each sub- part is the reason why the diagram became a map.

Have a closer look to the maps and you will find interesting relationship in between the level of noise, the infrastructure, close and open spaces.

The white bars stand for the highest general measured level of noise and the black bars stand for the highest measured level of noise caused by leisure.1-kopie.jpg

click here for PDF presentation:leisure-and-noise.pdf

see more maps here


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