Strange Attractors


/Design Experiment with Eduardo Mayoral at the IAAC Barcelona, 2007

„In a feature of space an ATTRACTOR is the most probable of possible states. It has the most chance to become real.“

Manuel DeLanda

How to design an explosion?

The intense moment of an explosion can be captured in form of an image, a thought or even by an abstract model that carries the full energy of the action. In this design experiment we focused on the visualization and fabrication of the chaotic mathematical equation of strange attractors. Lorenz Attractors are one specific system of ordinary differential equations, when plotted; resemble a butterfly or figure eight. Rhino Script helped to visualize these actions in form of a 3D model that we later fabricated as paper model. Through the process we discovered the secret and tremendous beauty of this mathematical function.

19 Kopie Kopie

6 Kopie

IMG_0819 Kopie

e+v planta Kopie


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