1st Parametric Design Workshop 2009, HTWK Leipzig


Leipzig, 26th -29th of June 2009 in Leipzig

Registration open until June 13th -> mail to: RAMBOW@fbb.HTWK-Leipzig.de

From June 26th until June 29th  a group of young architects from Greece, Chile, Puerto Rico and Germany based in Barcelona is organising Leipzig`s 1st Parametric Design Workshop at the HTWK Leipzig (FH) in Germany. We are looking forward to collaborate with Dimitrie Stefanescu from Bucharest, Professor Henning Rambow and Patrik Bedarf from the HTWK Leipzig.

This 4 day intense workshop is dedicated to develop techniques and concepts of parametric processes as instruments for architectural design and fabrication using Rhino Grasshopper. Students are going to develop parametric Light and Shadow objects in a digital way and will then fabricate them in 1:1 scale in form of a physical model. The workshop includes a general Introduction to Parametric Design and Fabrication, five Grasshopper Tutorials, a lecture on Performative Architecture, a short Origami Session and finally the Fabrication  using laser cutters. It is a central part of the learning process to take all steps of the process – from design to fabrication.

The international team of tutors will provide technical assistance and accompany all individual projects from the initial idea to the digital modelling and the fabrication process.

The workshop will be an intense and exciting experience for all participants. On Monday the 29th of June all results will be exhibited at the HTWK Leipzig. Opening of the Exhibition will be at 19.00.



Luis Fraguada, Ioulietta Zindrou, Maite Bravo, Verena Vogler


Dimitrie Stefanescu


Henning Rambow, Patrik Bedarf


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