Scripting @ Apomechanes in Greece


Aggregation “Miralles in Space “

/project by Verena Vogler at the ApoMechanes Workshop

Miralles in SPACE

“Los deplazamientos, los giros, hacen perder el papel su carácter de lámina. Es una estructura de trabajo. Sus reglas son la de la economia y las de la comunidad.”

“Shifts and turns make the paper lose its sheet nature. It is a working structure. Its rules are those of economics and communiy.”

-Enric Miralles-

“Miralles in Space” is an experiment. It refers to the way Enric Miralles used to sketch and work out technical drawings: He typically used two straight lines that meet on different angles and connected them by a fillet curve.

 The project was an intention to translate his drafting language not only the mathematical logic but also the aesthetics into space. Making use of scripting two straight lines in space served as input to generate a gentle blended curve as connection. Another straight curve emerges out of the relation and connects with the input curves. Numerous generations of this algorithm trigger a complex compound of connected 3D straight and blended curves, which later are transformed into paper tubes.

Hereby paper folds evolve into vivid structures that naturally fill the space.

/Final Variation

Thanks for a great supervision to Dave, Ezio and Roland 🙂  and of cause to Ioulietta  for so much fun in Greece!!!

See all results of the workshop here:  Apomechanes


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