Green Wabii- New beginnings with better endings


/ in collaboration with a group of young international architects

On the 5th of July the official webpage of  Green Wabii will be launched.

What is Green Wabii?

GreenWabii is an independent platform that aims primarily at the sustainable and social progress in developing countries. It is based on effective partnerships among individuals, communities, governments, businesses, academia and research.

The main missions are to extend the theoretical and empirical research on sustainability, to cultivate awareness, to promote discussions of relevant solutions and policies, and to propel the configuration and sustainable growth of developing countries.

If you are interested to learn more about the Green Wabii manifest you should directly look it up.

A group of authors from Portugal, Italy, Puerto Rico, India, South Korea, Poland, Spain, Agentina, Venezuela and Germany (me) will take care about the content of the page. I am very happy to find some old friends from the Master in between these people :).


One Response to “Green Wabii- New beginnings with better endings”

  1. 1 Michael Geiger

    Thanks Verena.

    It looks a fantastic project, the site is very clean and fresh. My understanding is that you will develop projects for developing countries. Is that correct?
    Love the Idea!! hope it will result of many cool designs.

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