Inauguration of the Auditorium for the Youth Music School, Hamburg, Germany


/project in collaboration with EMBT Arquitectos

Architect: Benedetta Tagliabue

Project Director: Karl Unglaub

Collaborators: Stefan Geenen, Verena Vogler, Max Gunst, Gabrielle Rotelli

Inauguration : September 2011

Please find the official picture gallery of the Hamburg Music school here

Conceptual Collage

The new auditorium with the main entrance foyer completes the program of the youth music school, finished in 1999. The extension, which was designed ten years after the original project is located in the narrow space between the old school and the new youth school and creates a new passage between them.

The auditorium is visible as an irregular round shape with a gallery level.  Mainly bricks cover the façade, referring in material and shape to the existing buildings.

Ornamentation: The façade pattern was inspired by sound waves and therefore indicates the content of the building in the exterior.

/Development Drawing of the Facade

The following pictures were taken during the Inauguration in September 2011 by Stefan Geenen.

Jugendmusikschule Hamburg, Konzertsaal

/Picture of the Model


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