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One year ago, November 15th 2012 we launched Seascape Prototype #1 at Gili T. in Indonesia. In the meanwhile the calcium-carbonate layer that surrounds the metal pieces has grown thicker. The synthesis between mineral accretion fabrication and the digitally developed skeleton becomes more evident as time passes. Corals and fish seem to be fine :). […]

Seascape Prototype #1, Verena Vogler from Verena Vogler on Vimeo. Some of the main challenges that our civilization is facing are related to environmental depletion and the restoration of damaged habitats. “Seascape Prototype #1” is an experiment about Computational Design and Ecological Underwater Manufacturing. It is a story of creation in one of Earth’s most […]

/Seascape Prototype #1 is a project in collaboration with the Global Coral Reef Alliance and Gili Eco Trust Seascape architecture is an unexplored field of landscape architecture that holds promising potential for the future. What is missing are strong implementations of seascape architecture in restoration. Here is where this project comes in, that I have developed […]

Coral reefs are declining across the planet due to climate change, pollution and locally due to anthropogenic damage like dynamite fishing. The Global Coral Reef Alliance, Gili Eco Trust together with local diving centers have organized and sponsored the 8th Biorock Training Workshop that took place at the Gili Trawangan Island in Indonesia during November […]

KSPN2’s Chris Nelson takes a look at the Biorock Reefs @Gili during our workshop.  

/ project in collaboration with Miralles Tagliabue  Arquitectos EMBT Barcelona Client Hafencity Hamburg GmbH Architect: Benedetta Tagliabue Project Director: Karl Unglaub Collaborators: Stefan Geenen, Verena Vogler, Max Gunst, Gabriele Rotelli Inauguration: February 2012 Location in Hamburg

The beautiful space of the Miralles Fundation designed by EMBT Arquitectos has been inaugurated this year in the old town of Barcelona. The current exhibition shows Miralles at Harvard in 1993. © photographs Verena Vogler