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ADAPTABLE ARCHITECTURE GALLERY for the Thames River In the end of July I’ve sent my Thesis project as a proposal for the Urban Competition 2008 to London. Almost 400 international architects took part in the competition. To check other proposals and the winners click here! Its worth it to take a look ;). //PANEL Advertisements



Master Thesis Project: “CREATURE“, Movable Architecture Gallery at the Thames River (July 2008) Supervisor: Prof. Marta Male Alemany (IaaC), Martin Sobota (Berlage Institute, Rotterdam) Abstract: Water movements such as river streams provide a sustainable source of energy in urban contexts with the potential of establishing sustainable interactions in the city. This Thesis investigates in which […]

Design project in collaboration with the IAAC Barcelona, 2008 Digital tectonics Design Studio : Marta M. Alemany First, the Romans realized the potential of the dome developing masonry domes and vaults. These constructions enabled circular vaults, usually in the form of a portion of a sphere that exert an equal thrust in all directions. In modern architecture the availability of reinforced and thin-shell concrete, glass and steel, and plastic has […]

Tectonic Cube


EXPERIMENT WITH THE 3D- PRINTER /project by Verena Vogler at IAAC In Digital Fabrication Class we designed using Rhino an object inside of a virtual cube 6 x 6 cm. On each one of the 6 sides we were supposed to put a link in order to connect the model with others. Using th 3D- […]

/group-project at IAAC Our group was assigned rotational input and light output for our electronics assignment. We got off to a great start with the milling, and chip making. We decided for the panel that it would be much nicer if the actual object that you controlled was the object that changed, so we devised […]

Parametric Hat


/design project Agata Kycia, Monika Szawiola, Verena Vogler at IaaC Barcelona Parametric design and fabrication tools become more and more relevant when it comes to customized objects in fashion design as each body has a different size and each person a personal preference of style. 27 VARIATIONS OF ONE HAT Monika, Agata and me designed a hat […]

/project by Dorota Kabala, Verena Vogler //ABOUT THE PROJECT The project has been developed during a time period of moreless 8 weeks in the STUDIO of Digital Tectonics. The first approach was to design a house which is connected to its site and which is changable in many ways. It could adapt to its environment, […]