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/ in collaboration with a group of young international architects On the 5th of July the official webpage of  Green Wabii will be launched. What is Green Wabii? GreenWabii is an independent platform that aims primarily at the sustainable and social progress in developing countries. It is based on effective partnerships among individuals, communities, governments, […]

 Article_1  We have NO VISION by Verena Vogler  Architecture as Brand Communication: Cathedrals of Modern Time Verena Vogler Buildings that communicate a message are the continuation of the centuries old tradition of prestigious architecture. Decorative columns and architraves, bell towers and domes, the impressively decorated palaces built by the nobility in bygone centuries and equally […]

A MAGAZINE ABOUT ARCHITECTURE FOR TOMORROW We have NO VISION is a Blog created by us, a group of 15 young architects from all around the world that write and discuss about emerent topics in the field of architecture. Most articles pose a critical and provocative question.  We all have instincts about the future of architecture, and our own ideas […]

ESSAY 05/2008 VERENA VOGLER In the class of Architectural Theory directed by Neil Leach, I wrote an essay about Deleuze’s expressiveness and territorialization. I tried to find links to Delanda’s philosophy of New Materialism and relations to today’s urban territories. This field is very interesting. Check the Essay here:  territorializationexpressiveness2