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/Seascape Prototype #1 is a project in collaboration with the Global Coral Reef Alliance and Gili Eco Trust Seascape architecture is an unexplored field of landscape architecture that holds promising potential for the future. What is missing are strong implementations of seascape architecture in restoration. Here is where this project comes in, that I have developed […]

Parametric Hat


/design project Agata Kycia, Monika Szawiola, Verena Vogler at IaaC Barcelona Parametric design and fabrication tools become more and more relevant when it comes to customized objects in fashion design as each body has a different size and each person a personal preference of style. 27 VARIATIONS OF ONE HAT Monika, Agata and me designed a hat […]

/Design Experiment with Eduardo Mayoral at the IAAC Barcelona, 2007 „In a feature of space an ATTRACTOR is the most probable of possible states. It has the most chance to become real.“ Manuel DeLanda How to design an explosion? The intense moment of an explosion can be captured in form of an image, a thought […]